5 Tips to Get in Top Shape Before You Tee Off

5 Tips to Get in Top Shape Before You Tee Off The weather is cool, the sky is cloudy, and the sun is comfortably warm. It’s time for a good game of golf at our hotel & resort in Osogbo, Nigeria. You heard that right! Our luxury hotel is not just a place for exotic getaways and trips to every tourist haven in Nigeria—we also have a beautiful 18-hole golf course. It is the perfect place for beginners and pros looking to putt their stress away. If you want a go on the green, there are some things you need to remember. Here are the things our golf experts have to say:
  1. Check the weather A sudden downpour will spoil your preparations, so keep your eyes and ears open for the morning weather forecast. A cool yet bright day, when the wind is softly blowing, is always a great day to play.
  2. Go to the course 45 minutes to an hour before the game Being early gives you time to warm up and practice your swing. Do a full warm-up to prime your body for the activity. Being unprepared will leave you unfocused and tense-two things that’ll ruin your performance.
  3. Practice, practice, practice Do a short game where you practice putts, chips, swings, and pitches. Switch clubs for every other set. What this does is give you a feel of the green, the weight of the clubs, and the amount of force you need to drive the ball.
  4. Stretch You’ll be spending a lot of time walking, standing, and swinging, so give your arms, legs, and lower back a good stretch. Research says this can boost your performance by 17%!
  5. Keep your cool If the game’s about to begin, don’t overwork yourself. Keep your muscles loose, drink lots of fluid, and relax. Always remember to have fun.
Those are just the basics of preparing yourself for a good game of golf. If you want to learn more, feel free to get in touch with our golf club at Aloha Hotel & Resort. Speaking of good weather, now is a great time to hold an event at our spectacular lakeside venue! Talk to us about our wedding event planner in Nigeria today.

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