Aloha Flower Garden

Located along the Lake at Aloha Resort is a stunning 4-acre landscape of Japanese-style tropical garden blend concept that features West African and Hawaiian plants, fruits, and flowers. Ascending the Japanese bridge, are varieties of palms trees, and banana leaves brushing your face. Descending the Japanese Bridge towards the Lake is a relaxing sound of a man-made waterfall. There are varieties of plants and trees like West African Palm, papaya, Guava, Pineapple, Cocoa, Raffia palms, Mango, Coconut, pandanas, and traveler’s palm. Other Exotic plants and flowers include Hawaiian Green and Red T’s, Hibiscus, Taro, Bird of Paradise, Lobster claws, Essente Banana, and more. The garden also features a life-size Elephant sculpture blended into the vegetation that you might take for real.