Since Aloha Hotel & Resort opens in July 2017, the resort has been a great place to view wildlife in their natural habitat at Oshogbo besides the Osun Secret Grove where there is a Monkey conservation. Upon arrival at Aloha Hotel & Resort, the Ostriches try to get your attention, the Peacocks and Guinea Fowls graze around the Flower Garden. The white stripe Native Deer is petted by the patron at the Flower Garden. Passing through the Japanese Bridge you will see a manmade waterfall emptying to the Lake. Standing on the Lake Dock you will see varieties of Ducks swimming while the Hotel patron kayaks on the Lake. The two white Geese you will encounter are beautiful but territorial and aggressive towards visitors, they may not be petted. Aloha Hotel & Resort is the best place to see wildlife at Oshogbo. This is a nice and welcoming family fun center for the family. Arguably the best place for both visitors and residents alike and indeed many to visit all the time.