Reasons Why You Should Stay in Aloha Hotel & Resort


Nigeria is one of those nations brimming with sights and destinations waiting to be discovered by tourists within and outside Africa. In fact, statistics from the World Bank revealed that 2 million international tourists have visited the country in 2016.

It’s safe to say that there’s always a tourist haven in Nigeria for every kind of traveler.

Still, all those visitors (which may include you) will be looking for a great place to stay. Such a place would have to bring Nigeria’s local color into the international scene and create a one-of-a-kind experience for travelers.

The good thing is, there’s a place that does just that!

Here are the reasons why you should spend your Nigerian vacation in Aloha Hotel & Resort:

  • We Bring Cultures Together

    Where else can you see a hotel and resort in Osogbo, Nigeria—or throughout Africa, for that matter—that brings together traditional Nigerian culture with that of Polynesia and Europe? Yoruba food sits with Continental and Polynesian cuisine. There’s hula dancing together with juju music. Come and see how it all comes together!

  • We Take You to Some of the Best of Nigeria’s Sights

    We can arrange tours to many cultural and historical places in Nigeria, such as the Osun-Osogbo Grove, Olumiri Falls, and the Ife Museum. This brings you up close and personal with the living history of the country—an opportunity no one should miss.

  • We Help Plan Weddings

    Our lakeside views are the perfect backdrop for weddings. Getting a wedding event planner in Nigeria is easy with us! You can bask in the beauty of your wedding day while we handle the planning and documenting for you.

    We can also help you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, and more!

  • We Make Your Stay Fun

    Our clients get to do water sports, play golf, go to the gym, and experience Nigeria’s city life. It’s our pleasure to make your vacation memorable and exciting.

Would you like to see all these things for yourself? Are you curious to learn more? Get in touch with us to have a Nigerian vacation you’ll never forget.

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