Four Events in Nigeria You Should See for Yourself

Four Events in Nigeria You Should See for Yourself Foreign and local visitors will always find a tourist haven in Nigeria. But, our country is not just a place full of historically significant or exciting places. Every year, Nigerians celebrate key events that have meaning for the nation’s history or its cultural and religious communities. Here are some of Nigeria’s national holidays and events that warrant a visit or two:
  • Eid al Kabir Also known worldwide as Eid al Adha, this is one of the major Muslim holidays in the country, alongside Eid al Maulud and Eid al Fitr. It is celebrated after the annual pilgrimage to Mecca (the “Hajj”) and is celebrated in both the countryside and the major cities. You can watch spectacular parades and horsemanship competitions throughout the day.
  • Osun Festival This is a keystone event for the Yoruba people. Adherents of the river goddess Osun gather in the Osogbo Sacred Forest to offer sacrifices and gifts for the rainy season. Observing the festivities is like watching a moment in primeval history come to life. This is one of the many events that you can arrange tours for at our hotel and resort in Osogbo, Nigeria.
  • Independence Day Celebrated on October 1, this marks Nigeria’s independence from the British in 1960. It begins with a nationwide broadcast of the Armed Forces parade and the presidential speech. After that, the streets explode with activities done by every group of people imaginable, from local children’s brigades to pop stars. Go to the beach to relax or visit every street show if you can!
  • Christmas This is a well-loved secular event as well as an important celebration for Christians worldwide. Aside from the traditionally associated activities of family gathering, religious services, and gift-giving, every region has its own take on the holiday. For example, “Mmo” masquerade dancing is done in the southern region of Igboland.
These are just some of the celebration you can witness. To help you make the best out of your Nigerian holiday experience, contact Aloha Hotel & Resort! Our lakeside luxury resort helps you arrange tours and even provides a wedding event planner in Nigeria. Every celebration can become more memorable with our help. Call now to learn more!

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