Best Hotel in Osogbo & Great Sites You Should Visit in Osogbo,Osun State, Nigeria

With its natural marvels and places rich in culture and history, Osogbo deserves to be known as a tourist haven in Nigeria. If you are a local or foreign traveler looking for an adventure of the past and present, this is where you should start. Here are the places you should definitely see:
  • Osun-Osogbo Sacred GroveThis is a sacred site for the Yoruba people and a place brimming with art, culture, and nature. The grove is dedicated chiefly to the fertility goddess Osun, who is said to protect the town of Osogbo and keep its women fertile in exchange for annual sacrifices. Statues made by Austrian artist Susanne Wenger fill the area, featuring the gods of the Yoruba pantheon.
  • Ikogosi Warm SpringsThis natural oddity deserves at least a visit before you pass away. One of the springs is warm, with a temperature of up to 70 degrees Celsius, while the other is cooler at 37 degrees where it meets the warm spring. Their water said to have therapeutic properties. Don’t forget to ask about the folklore behind them!
  • National Museum Ile-IfeYou can observe the evolution of art in this place. It boasts a collection of archaeological findings, like pottery, regalia, bronze and terracotta figures, and other artifacts. It also exhibits art pieces from the local artists in classic and modern styles.
  • The Statue of Moremi AjasoroThis is currently the tallest statue in Nigeria, reaching a height of 42 feet. It was erected in Ile-Ife under the commission of Oba Adeyeye, Ooni of Ife. It commemorates the princess Moremi, who is said to have made great sacrifices to free her people from invaders. According to the Ooni’s Director of Media, it was made using materials sourced in Nigeria and was constructed by the local engineers-a mark of the potential for cultural growth in the country.
These places and more wait for you to visit them. If you do, a great hotel and resort in Osogbo, Nigeria can arrange tours for you. If you are looking for a great spot to visit popular sites, eat food from all over the world, play water sports, dance the hula, and even find a wedding event planner in Nigeria, look no further than Aloha Hotel & Resort.

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