5 Tips to Stay Healthy on Your Next Trip to Nigeria

5 Tips to Stay Healthy on Your Next Trip to Nigeria You’ve already planned your itinerary to visit every tourist haven in Nigeria. You’ve bought your plane tickets or hired a van for transport. Then you arrive at your destination only to come down with a cold or a cough. Sound familiar? There’s no denying that getting sick while traveling can ruin your experience. That’s why we offer these tips to help you stay healthy and enjoy your getaway.
  1. Dress for the weather.

    Nigeria is a tropical country with lots of rain and sun at specific times of the year. Both heat and cold can put you at risk of disease, so pack the right clothes and take the right gear (e. g. umbrellas, hats, or sunglasses).

  2. Get some medicine.

    You can never tell when a headache or an upset stomach strikes. Take some medicine with you, especially if you have maintenance medication. You should also visit a clinic or a pharmacy to update your vaccinations.

  3. Have a quick and easy exercise routine.

    A simple jog or a set of push-ups in the hotel room can keep you alert and active during your trip. If you want to go further, visit your hotel’s gym and sign up for a quick membership. Our hotel & resort in Osogbo, Nigeria has 24-hour fitness center you can use!

  4. Don’t stay hungry or thirsty.

    Being undernourished and dehydrated is a surefire way to get sick. Take advantage of every meal you can get. And unless you’re fasting, never skip!

  5. Take it easy.

    Don’t wear yourself out on Day One. You’re supposed to have fun, not get stressed! The best way to enjoy every moment of your trip is to sit back and watch everything go by on its own pace.

These tips will surely help you when you come to Aloha Hotel & Resort. We can give you the picture-perfect vacation experience you’ve always wanted. If you want to have a watersport adventure, a tour of nature and history, or even a wedding event planner in Nigeria, call us now!

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